The Secret Garden rents rooms in Capri. provides two mini apartments in capri, holiday house on the island of Capri to spend their holidays at sea. near the Blue Grotto between nature and relaxation that offers the island. Rent apartments in Capri, great prices for holiday homes.

Villa D Alessandro - Apartments in Capri

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Apartments in Capri

When at age 23 I started to attend an organization of Philosophy active that opened the way to the knowledge of myself, I could not imagine that he would so marked and conditioned my life ...

So began the desire to discover places and cities that did not know and which I loved to attend the ancient alleys, art galleries archaeological sites. A passion never died down, and even today, just inside a small village, I care immediately to visit its museums, cathedrals and monuments to admire the masterpieces of the past.

Beside the passion for art was also the one for nature, fueled by some friends who attended and with whom I spent whole days exploring paths and magical places.

The studies, travel, many of this by sailboat shared with my friend "Gioia" (my trusty dog), and the experiences of those formative years were motivated by the desire to find balance and harmony between sensitivity and strong aesthetic sense, but one day, unfortunately, all that changed abruptly and I was forced to challenge myself and my relationship with my surroundings.

It was then that art helped me, and I found myself catapulted into an adventure that was totally new for me.
"Emotions" were my guiding principle, was born in me the desire to share the suggestions that I had with the people close to me, the idea of quality, beauty, hospitality, art, design ... I was looking for a place that enclose all these things, a magical place.

In the search for this place, I was helped by two precious allies: the philosophy and art. The first took me and would take me to "think differently", the second would lead me to the "pursuit of beauty", a size that was necessary for me..

So I thought that Capri, place loved by the Romans for its natural wealth, for its perfumes and its magical air could be an aesthetic experience out of the ordinary, I was enchanted by the elegant lifestyle and aimed at the beauty and exclusivity.

In 1991 I put down the foundation stone of my current home and I realized that this would be the purpose of my life..
As in the days of the ancient Romans who knew that I wanted, was in my little island to heal the body, mind and soul.

I tried to use all warm materials, eternal and in harmony with nature as the local stone, wood and bronze used much in the medieval period in which they are very attached.

With the help of some dear friends and my wonderful family, I hope I have succeeded in my dream ... an adventure began as a boy, inexperienced, but faithful to the idea of transmitting emotions and a different way of thinking ...

Gennaro D'Alessandro

Villa D Alessandro - Apartments in Capri